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Vision, Mission & Mandate

Vision, Mission & Mandate


  • A global leader in the provision and promotion of sports, creative arts and youth empowerment


  • To provide leadership, coordination and an enabling environment for youth empowerment and development of libraries, sports and Creative Arts.

Strategic Objectives

  • To Promote youth empowerment and development;
  • To Strengthen youth mainstreaming in all sectors;
  • To Promote youth participation and inclusion in National development and leadership
  • To Harness and develop youth talents for national development;
  • To Harness, develop and regulate the fine, creative and performing arts industry;
  • To Develop and regulate Film industry;
  • To Provide an enabling policy, legal and institutional framework.
  • To Harness, develop and regulate the sports industry.


  • Youth Policy and Empowerment;
  • Mainstreaming Youth in National Development;
  • Business Innovation and Incubation;
  • Managing and Promoting engagement with Youth for National Development;
  • Harnessing and Development of Youth Talent for National Development;
  • Collaborating and Overseeing Stakeholders engaged in Youth Promoting Activities;
  • Policy for Development of Fine Arts;
  • Library Services;
  • Film Development Policy;
  • Development of the Film Industry;
  • Research and Conservation of Music;
  • Creative and performing arts.
  • Development, Management, and Implementation of the Sports Policy;
  • Enforcement and Implementation of the World Anti-Doping Code and Convention Against Doping;
  • Promotion and Co-ordination of Sports Training and Education;
  • Regulation of Sports
  • Expansion of the Sports Industry for sustainable Livelihood;
  • Development and Management of Sports Facilities;
  • Establishment and Management of Sports Academies to Nurture Talent